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We are a Toronto-based architecture studio focusing on projects that increase the quality and quantity of housing, in an effort to make cities affordable and accessible for everyone.
New Build Housing
carport house_windows alt_edited.jpg

Carport House

Carport Drawings - Home Cropped.png
A double-cantilevered house designed to satisfy zoning bylaws.
6plex Street elevation_edited.jpg
A multi-unit development designed to fit within height and setback requirements of a typical 20' x 120' lot.
Multi-unit Housing
Residential Renovations
Stair Up.jpg

Winnipeg's Smallest House

A second-storey mezzanine top-up with a birdhouse inspired oculus window.
Multi-unit Housing


A 14-storey residential tower designed to provide views over the top of a proposed condo development to the rear.
Copy of Periscope Elev.jpeg
Multi-unit Infill Housing


A six-storey apartment building module designed to fit typical Canadian lot sizes.
Containing 10 units, the dumbbell-shaped plan frames a central courtyard with an externalized exit stair and elevator. 

Thinking about starting a project?

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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